A Message from Chip – K9MIT about the Kokomo, Indiana Tornado

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your concern. To say yesterday was a scary day would be an understatement. Officially 8 twisters touched down in Howard County. There’s a possible ninth one, but it hasn’t been officially confirmed yet. Lots of damage, but unlike the tornado that came through here Thanksgiving week of 2013 this one spread it’s damage over a wide area. I’m fine and my house did not sustain any damage but 1/4 mile to the north and south homes were completely destroyed. My power went out right during the first twister hit around 3:30PM it was out until about 6:00AM this morning, but has been spotty all day. Last two hours it’s been rock solid.
Several of the homes that had just been rebuilt and finished from the 2013 event were also destroyed yet again, yesterday. Many streets are closed and most traffic lights are inoperative, so the streets are a bit chaotic to say the least.

Once again Dave, thanks for asking. Thank YOU and Jeff and the fellow in New Zealand, I can’t remember his name for the moment, for doing such a great job on the net. I’ll certainly be checking in next week and into chat like I’ve done for several years.


Chip – K9MIT

img: WISH TV.  Video.