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Ham Nation is now on Ham Radio Crash Course

Ham Nation started May 24, 2012 on the TWiT network.  After 8 years and 485 episodes, the show moved to the Ham Radio Crash Course YouTube channel.  January 6, 2021 was the first episode on HRCC.

The transition has brought many changes to the show and ways to view the show.  This post will try to break down those changes.  There are no changes to the nets, scheduling or locations.

Hosts & Show

Bob Heil – K9EID and George – W5JDX are no longer with the show but have made appearances.  It is now produced by Josh Nass – KI6NAZ.  Randy – K7AGE is now a regular on the show.

Previously, the show recorded weekly (unless a holiday).  The show is now recorded biweekly.  First episode was Jan 6, 2021, next will be Jan 20, Feb 3, Feb 17, and so-on.

Shows will no longer be given an “episode number.”

“Show Notes” exist in the form of the video description.  There will not be a separate Wiki and will not include net check-ins.


For all the ways to view and download the show offered by the TWiT network, the only way to watch the new show is through YouTube.  Love it or hate it, that’s where the show now resides.  It brings some advantages:

  • YouTube has many “apps” on different platforms including desktop, mobile, smart TVs, video devices like Roku.  Not all platforms have the chat functionality available, though.
  • Once the show starts recording, it’s posed to the HRCC channel.  There is no more waiting for the show to be “posted” to view or download the show hours later.
  • Additionally once the show starts recording, any part of the show can be replayed or the whole show can be restarted from the beginning – even while the show is being recorded.  Parts can be replayed immediately.
  • Past episodes on HRCC are available from the Ham Nation playlist
  • Chatroom is available when the show is recording live and is integrated on the same page as the live stream.  The new chatroom doesn’t utilize IRC instead uses the YouTube chat feature.  To post in the chat requires a Google account.  Watching or viewing the show does NOT require an account.
  • Integrations with Discord and Facebook chat allow users to cross-post messages into the YouTube chat.
  • Subscribing to the HRCC channel on a mobile device will notify when the channel is recording live
  • Josh uses monetization systems to support his work. Please purchase from his shop, donate or become a patron.
  • Downloads?  There is no way to “download” a YT video without additional software.  (Technically, downloads are against TOS and could cause copyright infringement.  You have been warned.)  On Windows, YTD (YouTube Downloader) worked well – the PRO version is NOT required to download videos.  A free and open-source command line tool for Windows & Linux, check out youtube-dl.


Shows produced and recorded on the TWiT network will remain online.  TWiT generally doesn’t remove past shows, however it has occurred.  It is recommended to download any past episodes of interest.  Links are available under “Old TWiT HN Links.”

No Show 12-23-2020 and 12-30-2020, Ham Nation is moving

If you missed the show on 12/16/2020, go back and watch it. Big announcements were made.

First off, the Ham Nation episode that airs on 12/23/2020 will be a “Best of Ham Nation.”  The following week (12/30/2020) will not have a live show either.  There will be no after show nets either days.

Second, Ham Nation is no longer associated with TWIT.  The show is moving to the YouTube channel of Josh KI6NAZ, Ham Radio Crash Course. When Ham Nation returns, it will return January 6, 2021 on the HRCC YouTube channel.

There are alot of questions and changes coming.  Please watch the video.  If, after watching, there are still questions about the show, reach out to Amanda – K1DDN via her email on QRZ.  She has made herself available to help answer questions about the show’s transition.  There are not changes planned for the nets at this time.

We will see you January 6, 2021 on the Ham Radio Crash Course YouTube channel!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

rev: 12/18 – include show link and wording

Santa Nets 2018

Ham Nation D-STAR After Show Net’s own Paul – K9PTF is doing a new Father Christmas net this year:

FATHER CHRISTMAS NET will be on D-STAR Reflector 58 A (REF058A).  Starting Friday, November 30th from 18:00hrs to 19:00hrs CST and every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in December, Father Christmas will be taking check ins.

The Father Christmas net will run Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays through December 23, with a special last-minute net on December 24th!

NOTE: *DoDropIn* conference is down.  The Santa Watch Net will be on *TheGuild* node #679320.

Well Boys and Girls, it’s my favorite time of the year again and it’s time for the Santa Watch Net.

Santa will be making his rounds and once again for the eighth year in a row the gang at the DoDropIn will be watching the radar.

Join the Santa Watch Net that starts at 1800 hrs eastern time. Dave N3NTV will be calling the net and keeping track of Santa’s location.

Like last year, Santa has a radio in his sleigh and may chat with the kids again.

Bring all the young’uns and get them checked in. Third parties are of course, always welcome.

Once again, Santa Watch on Christmas Eve at 1800 hrs eastern on the *DoDropIn* Echolink conference server #355800.

From the gang at the DoDropIn,

Dave – N3NTV does the Ham Nation after show EchoLink net.

For the 13th consecutive year, The 3916 Nets will be presenting The Santa Net on 3.916 MHz. Good girls and boys can talk to Santa Claus, via amateur radio, nightly at 7:30 PM (Central) starting Friday, November 23, 2018. The Santa Net will run nightly at 7:30 PM Central through Christmas Eve, December 24, 2018.

K8JTK on Ham Nation episode 299 for #HamNation300

Yours truly, K8JTK, appeared on the show to promote #HamNation300 with the other digital net controllers.

Thanks to TWiT, Amanda – K1DDN, Andrew – WA8LIV from the DMR net, and Dave – N3NTV from the Echolink net.  Don’t forget to check out the other after net shows.

The episode can be download from  The part of the show featuring the controllers can be seen below.