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Born a Hoosier (Indiana) was brought into radio in 6th Grade when we built a crystal radio. Then got the radio bug again in High School; had a CB License but cannot remember the call sign. I had a Hallicrafter CB-3A and a Johnson 123 that was powered by a Radio Shack regulated power supply and feed a ground plane antenna mounted on a 10 foot water pipe. While the radios have been lost the power supply is still in use here. I wanted to get my ham ticket but, I’m a code dummy. In the early nineties I met my Elmer N9IMV, silent key now. He worked with me for over two years trying to learn code. No luck; then NO Code Technician became available and I studied and walked into Naval Avionics on a club night, took the test and passed. I got my ticket in July 25, 1995 (KB9LEN). Then in May 2005, I upgraded to General at the Birmingham Alabama Ham Fest. I didn’t make any HF contacts but, started to purchase some equipment to get on HF. I had the IC-735 before upgrading because my Elmer said “You’ll end up on HF so, get a transceiver and take the mic off until you get your license.” It would seem he was right. I just finished getting my Hustler 4BTV with a DX Engineering 17 meter add-on mounted and tuned November 11, 2016. But, I digress; I got the ham bug again in 2011 when I became a founding member of HCARC Amateur Radio Club (KK4BSK repeater) at University Of Alabama Birmingham. I started using Echolink on my cell phone. Got my Vanity call sign, K9PTF, when they dropped the fee for Vanity Call Signs, it arrived October 2, 2015. I got interested in D-star in April of 2016 when I got an ID-880H and followed it with an ID-51Anniverary Edition. I am a member of the K4DSO repeater and now have a DV4MINI, ZumSpot, and an ID-51APlus2. I love the clear voice on digital radio but, hate the R2D2 of packet loss. Got this Special QSL Card

Now, I’m thinking about Upgrading to Extra.
My interests are:
Storm Spotting, Making new friends on radio, Investigating Digital modes, DRATS, Trains and Railroad Net on Reflector 26-A Friday 19:00 Central Time, Tracking with my German Shepard, Photography, and Trains. There is a lot more but that is all you get now.


Hello and thank you for taking time to drop by this wonderful web site that my friend, Jeff (K8JTK) created for us so we all can enjoy our hobby and HAM NATION even more.

My given name is James David Cantrell with the call of KB9VZU. My life has been dedicated to public service since the age of 21 with the honor of working with some of the most professional law enforcement personnel in the world. Ham Radio has aided and enhanced my abilities allowing me to join the most advanced audio and video specialized units (task forces) in the United States. These task forces are where I served the last 11 years of my career as Director / Chief. I have specialized training in microwave, analog, and digital modes of communications.

I think all those days of my young life on the shooting range without hearing protection has made my favorite and most enjoyable mode of operation digital, and of that, D-Star. Now that I am retired, my radios go with me on vacations and to sporting events that I attend. You can hear some really funny stuff at a ballgame listening to the in house camera operators!

I am a member of several clubs with my home club being W9OB. I travel extensively so don’t be surprised if I send your club an email to help host one of the Ham Nation D-Star After Show Nets on Reflector 14C.

I am married to a wonderful lady named Terri who has put up with me 28+ years now through 3 kids, two dogs, and a grandson named Keaton. He is on my knee most of the time I am on the radio.

LIFE is good now and I want you to feel welcome to check in with us. You know, good conversation is like a good meal… I enjoy both, but one complements the other so well. With that said, I Hope to see you at the Dayton Hamvention this year so we can do both.

My thanks to the W9ICE group for the use of their machine and allowing me to link Reflector 14C for the net.

Email: KB9VZU(@)yahoo(dot)com
Look me up on: QRZ or find me on Echolink.
Twitter: @KB9VZU



Visit my QRZ page.


K8JTKMy name is Jeff – K8JTK. I was born and raised in Westlake, Ohio, a western suburb of Cleveland. I got interested in amateur radio at a young age through my father, Tom N8ETP after tagging along to public service events, meetings, and listening on his HT. I became licensed right before my sophomore year of high school in 1999 and currently hold an Amateur Extra license. My interests have been using computers in Ham Radio and digital modes. I’ve been on D-STAR since 2009.

I am a member of: the Wood County Amateur Radio Club Webmaster and honored with a Lifetime Membership; American Radio Relay League Life Member; member of the Dayton Amateur Radio Association; and TAPR. In addition to these clubs, I’m active in Skywarn, a Volunteer Examiner (VE), and the Technical Coordinator (TC) for the ARRL Ohio Section.

Computers have been an interest of mine from a very young age and I now work as a Analyst/Programmer. I brought my knowledge of computers into television production at WHBS in high school and at WBGU in college. During my television career I got to work for Fox Sports Ohio, work on four programs that received Emmy nominations, and one won an Emmy award.

I attended Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio and graduated from Cleveland State University with an undergraduate business degree in Information Systems & Technology in 2008 and a Masters of Business Administration in 2013, also from CSU.

I was on Ham Nation episode 299!

To find out more about what I’ve done and what I’m involved with, please visit my website!

I was HN D-STAR ASN NCS from 2014 – 2020.  Currently, I support the net by hosting this site and the REF014 audio stream.

Email: K8JTK(@)arrl(dot)net

The best net on D-STAR according to 9 out of 10 repeater systems.