After Show Nets

Following Ham Nation on Wednesday nights are the After Show Nets starting around 10PM ET/7PM PT.

Any and all properly licensed Amateur Radio stations are encouraged to check into any and all nets.

Tune into the show and check the chat room for changes.


The Ham Nation D-STAR After Show Net is held on Reflector 14 C.  Net control Paul – K9PTF from Chelsea, Alabama.


The DMR net has been discontinued.


The EchoLink net has been discontinued.

20 Meter

The 20 Meter Net meets on or around 14.268 MHz.  Net control is Steve – W7UDI from Ellensburg, Washington.

The net operates when the US is in Daylight Saving Time as 20 closes down early in the winter.  During the winter Steve runs the 80 meter net.

40 Meter

The 40 Meter Post Show Net is held around 7.199 MHz (alternative frequency is 7.192).  Join the chat room for updates. Net controls is Kevin – KC7FPF from Ocala, Florida.

80 Meter

The 80 Meter Net meets on or around 3.908 MHz. Net control is Steve – W7UDI from Ellensburg, Washington.

The net operates when the US is in Standard Time. During the summer Steve runs the 20 meter net.

The best net on D-STAR according to 9 out of 10 repeater systems.