Ham Nation at Hamvention 2016

Hamvention will be held May 20-22, 2016 at the Hara Arena Complex in Dayton, Ohio at hamvention.org.

Live streaming coverage details during Hamvention weekend: http://hamvention.org/media-news/live-coverage/


from hamvention.org:

The Dayton gateway will be linked to D-Extra X-Reflector XRF038C during Hamvention weekend. D-Plus REF038C will also be available for the weekend. Use 446.1000 Digital Code Squelch CSQL use #13 as a D-Star simplex frequency at Hamvention.

The Dayton gateways are W8RTL and W8HEQ.

W8RTL C: 147.105 MHz +0.600
W8RTL B: 443.050 MHz +5.000
W8RTL A: 1283.500 MHz -12.000
W8RTL A DD: 1249.000 MHz S

W8HEQ C: 145.270 MHz -0.600
W8HEQ B: 444.0875 MHz +5.000

Ham Nation

Join Bob, Gordo, Val, and a band on Ham Nation live at the Crowne Plaza for the DX Contest party Wednesday, 7:30-8pm.

The Ham Nation booth will be located in Audio Alley, next to Heil Sound. This is the same location as in the past.

The Ham Nation forum is Saturday at 10:30am in room 1. Stop by the booth or check your program for location. This event was standing room only in the past.

There will not be any live events this year.

Amateur Logic.TV

George and Tommy will be recording from the ICOM booth both Friday and Saturday from 2-3pm. There will not be any live events this year.